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B&M Caiman : BN68 - 3rd Generation Running Sandals (Dark Colours)
Price RM85.00 RM90.00
Brand 台灣母子鱷魚
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Y Sandals (M) Sdn Bhd are B&M Caiman's authorised sole distributor
in Malaysia and Singapore since 2017.

Ready stock and 100% genuine. Air flown from Taiwan.

BN68 - 3rd Generation Running Sandals
- Design for running
- Material : EVA
- Strong gripping and durable soles (300km to 1500km) "depends on landing posture"
- Heel cushioning
- Minimal arch support

We suggest our customers to measure barefoot length for more accurate sizing because sandals fittings are different from sports shoes.

How to use :
1) Rinse the sandals before first use to remove release agent that will cause slippery.
2) Do not expose sandals under the sun of high temperature. (EVA material will shrink under heat.)
3) Kindly use scissors when removing cable ties to avoid unexpected cuts to sandals.
4) Recommended running with five / two toes socks to avoid slippery after sweat.
5) Check your soles conditions from time to time. Replace when it worn.

Due to shopee limitations, BN68 separated to 3 listings :

1) Light Colours
2) Sharp Colours
3) Dark Colours

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