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B&M Caiman Women Running Shoes - BGM 7949
Price RM350.00
Brand 台灣母子鱷魚
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Y Sandals (M) Sdn Bhd are B&M Caiman's authorised sole distributor in Malaysia and Singapore since 2017.

Ready stock and 100% genuine.

BGM7949 Running Shoes

Prepare to soar with these exceptional sneakers! Featuring a sole as soft as a cloud, they absorb 15% of the impact, providing an experience akin to walking on air. But that's not the only benefit - they also offer a 5% boost to your stride and double your flexibility, allowing for effortless, ninja-like movement.

Behold the wondrous traits of this mystical artifact: a mesh that breathes life, a tapestry woven in three-dimensional stitches, a sole of TPU that guards against the impact of fate from all angles, and materials of the highest sorcery.

Get ready to take on the world with these shoes that are built to last! The rubber sole is tough and sturdy, giving you an unbeatable grip. And, with a special aquaplaning sole, you'll be able to take on any slippery surface with ease. These shoes are a real game-changer!

Color: Black, Orange

Size: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40

Wide: 2E

Arch support: Neutral


-Breathable upper mesh.

-Expanded Thermoplastic PU strong cushioning effect and decent bouncing.

-Durability and gripping outsole.


Monday to Friday :

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- After 4 am will be 2 working days.

Weekend / Public Holiday :

- Orders will be shipped on Next working days.

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