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B&M Caiman Men Running Shoes - BGM 7944
Price RM350.00
Brand 台灣母子鱷魚
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Y Sandals (M) Sdn Bhd are B&M Caiman's authorised sole distributor in Malaysia and Singapore since 2017.

Ready stock and 100% genuine.

BGM7944 Running Shoes

A bewitching weave of double-layered mesh, an ethereal texture that is both resilient and tender.

The artistry of the upper layer, a true stroke of sorcery.

These shoes are equipped with a flexible outsole and an elastic air cushion to provide optimal support.

Additionally, the neutral support and enhanced insole work together to effectively minimize impact.

Color: Black, Yellow

Size: 40, 41, 42, 43, 44

Wide: 2E

Arch support: Neutral

Features : Cushioning, breath easy, durability outsole, strong ankle support.


Monday to Friday :

- Orders paid before 4 am will be shipped within 1 working day

- After 4 am will be 2 working days.

Weekend / Public Holiday :

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